Theodore Economic Committee (TEC)


Our Mission

To promote the village, attracting new residents, businesses, and tourists and to encourage and strengthen community engagement.

Our Vision

To work with and complement our existing community partners in this mandate, including the board committees, businesses and events that are already adding value to our community. Ultimately, we would make this village a place
'Where Happiness Grows' as per our motto.

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Theodore Economic Committee

The Theodore Economic Committee has been established with the goal of assisting the village council in developing a long term strategy to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the village for current and future residents and businesses.  
Our Longer Term goal is to apply for grants that would fund further beautification and/or family friendly resources/programs in the village.  We also hope to build up to an established schedule of community events working in conjunction with current committee's and groups.


2024 Projects For The Village

We have a number of concepts and goals for the village and we are always looking for your input because you are a member of the community and we need your thoughts and ideas as well!  There is no such thing as a bad idea!!

Main Street - Railway Ave Upgrade: July - August
*Assisting in frontage improvements to feature our businesses.
*APPLYING FOR A GRANT TO ASSIST IN FIXING the sidewalks currently in disrepair and for our new Green Space (details below)
*Signage improvements
* Installing New Banners on Railway & Main street
* CREATING A NEW GREEN SPACE - "MURAL GROVE" Adjacent to the Post Office
This will be an 'extension' of the museum featuring Murals and Historical signage, 
flower beds, Bird feeding stations, trees and benches to enhance our community and celebrate our past.  ** WORK IS NOW UNDERWAY **

LONG TERM Future Goals For The Village:
*Offer Family Events that engage the community
* Improved Signage alongside #16 Highway
* Utilizing the Theodore Historical Museum as a 'Destination' hub for tourists and residents by:
 - Offering a Market Garden/Farmer's Market in the future
One of the cornerstones of any community is tourism and we hope to become a destination for those trekking through Saskatchewan by promoting our village through various venues including Social Media.

To Contact the TEC Committee you can email us:

We Want To Hear About Your Own Ideas!

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