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Welcome to our Website!

Greetings from Theodore, thanks for stopping by!

The Village of Theodore has lots to offer from businesses to some fantastic outdoor activities! Enjoy the quiet serenity of small town living right along a major travel route!
We are a village of nearly 350 residents located along the #16 Highway. We are within a short driving distance from the city of Yorkton (approx. 25 min), and a short excursion from the Whitesand River, which has the Whitesand Regional Park alongside it's shoreline and the Theodore Dam on the southern end of the lake. The lake and river are home to some great fishing for Walleye, Perch and Pike.

The Village of Theodore has a lot of great amenities for a community of its size! We have a hotel/bar, grocery store, a School, Senior Lodging and garages to name a few and a community complex that houses an outstanding skating facility and hall!
Please cruise through our website and see what we have to offer travelers and you!
If you are considering moving to the area, click on the link for homes that are for sale in Theodore! Who knows, we could be your future home!

New information:
- THIS FALL IS THE NEXT MUNICIPAL ELECTION - This FREE SESSION is for those of you interested in running for council or Mayor:
Municipal Governance 101: Village Hall
To encourage participation in municipal governance and increase understanding of what it means to be on council, Municipalities of Saskatchewan has created Municipal Governance 101, free virtual education sessions designed for everyone who has an interest in municipal politics or who is thinking of running for council. In this one-hour session, ask a panel of individuals experienced in municipal governance your municipal governance questions.
Register now!  Click on the link below to Register.
Municipal Governance 101: Village Hall builds on - (Link) >>> Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government.

Animal Control Bylaw - UPDATED (This has only had its first reading with council -  Click on the link to download.  Please review to understand the forthcoming changes)

Nuisance Abatement and Property Standards Bylaw - UPDATED ( This has only had its first reading with council - Click on the link to download.  Please review to understand the forthcoming changes).

2019 Financial Audit - Click on the link to download the PDF and read at your leisure.

Hello Residents of Theodore and surrounding area,
Summer is upon us and thankfully the provincial government has opened up the province by relaxing a lot of the COVID-19 regulations that had kept a lot of the province closed up.  Campgrounds are open to everyone now, restaurants are open, and so many other businesses that rely on summer to survive.  So let’s catch up with some news for Theodore and area:
-          Our application for funding for our new water treatment plant has passed the provincial level and is now at the Federal level!  This is great news!  It’s our last hurdle to getting funding for our much needed water treatment plant that will go a long way to providing safe water for year to come.  
-          Our application to Saskatchewan Government Insurance under the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant Program was also approved!  We will receive $8,120 that will be applied to upgrading the School Safety Zone for St. Theodore School!  The village will provide installation of two ‘Blinker signs’ and placement of the ‘Speed Radar’ sign.
-          The Ministry of Government Relations has approved our application under the “Municipal Economic Enhancement Program –MEEP- for $46,424!  More great news!  This funding will be put towards our Chip Seal road surfacing!  The quote for the entire project is $69,754 so the village will only have to be responsible for $23,330.  This project will take place in the next few weeks as long as mother nature co-operates and we will finally, finally see some much needed road work completed within the village!
-          Council has also tentatively approved the offer we had put forward to the TDRB for the arena/hall facility after they had come back to council with an offer of acceptance (with conditions – which is normal).  Finalizing the offer is still in the discussion stage with the TDRB but to get input from the public we’ve included a survey with your water bill that has just gone in the mail.  Public consultation is important to keep everyone informed.
-          And we received news that White Spruce is able to resume their regular grass cutting tasks at the cemetery and elsewhere if needed now that the Provincial government has relaxed the regulations.  We will keep Kurt (Kurt Neis who had the mowing contract) on call if our mowing situation gets backed up for any reason.
Enjoy your summer everyone!  Be safe, and take care of yourself, your family, friends and neighbors!
Village Council and staff.
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